Clear Plain Polythene Carrier Bags

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Our standard range of plastic vari-gauge punched out handle carrier bags offer an unbelievable blend of quality & value for money. Almost all sizes and colours of our low density polythene carrier bags are now made in degradable material.

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Width x Height + Bottom Gusset 180 gauge / 45 micron Bottom 360 gauge / 90 micron Top Please note that the sizes are approximate.

  • Made from a low density plastic film.
  • Punched out handles which are neat and efficient.
  • Bags are suitable to hold up to 3 kilos in weight.
  • These bags are commonly used in gift stores, boutiques, and clothing outlets.

What is Varigauge?

As the carrier bag name suggests the gauge (thickness of film) increases from bottom to top, giving additional strength around the handle area. The style is characterized by a distinctive ‘kidney’ shaped handle.