Tissue Paper

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Our Tissue Paper is perfect for gift packing and wrapping. We have a wide range of colours available and our tissue paper is supplied with 480 sheets per ream.

Our Coloured tissue paper is acid free and machine glazed to a high quality finish so is perfect for wrapping and protecting any product.

Our White and Grey Tissue Paper is unglazed and machine finished, used in all sorts of trades from fashion to engineering this makes great wrapping as it is less prone to tearing than machine glazed tissue.

Please call us on 0345 4503448 if you would like to order a sample. And do let us know if there is a particular colour that you require or if you need a bespoke product.

If you would like more than 5 reams please call us on 0345 450 3448 for a price.

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Please note that colours other than White, Burgundy, Deep Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Black, Orange and Baby Pink may take up to one week to deliver.

All the tissues are packed in reams which is an approximate 480 sheets with the exception of the gold and silver which are packed 100 sheets. Also please be aware that the gold and silver is a single sided finish.

If you would like some tissue printed with your branding, name and logo, we can do that for you, so please call us and we can tell you all about it.

Tissue colours delivery 1 – 3 days
White, Burgundy, Deep Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Black, Orange, Baby Pink

Tissue colours delivery 5 – days
Cerise, Dark Green, Light Green, Lime green, Ivory, Lilac, Peach, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Brown, Gold Silver