Strong single wall cardboard boxes (Suitable for Royal Mail Small parcel)

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With an impressive capacity, our single wall cardboard boxes have been designed and constructed for the proper packaging jobs. We have stock available for same working day dispatch.

If you can't find what you are looking for then please get in touch as we also supply made to order, special size and made to measure cardboard boxes. Call us on 0345 450 3448 or email us



The beauty of the multidepth arrangement means that you can start packing your cardboard box and if it starts to become to heavy before it is full you simply cut the corners down to the depth crease and seal your cardboard box. This also means that you have cardboard boxes with the same base size so that they will stack properly. Just order before 3pm Monday-Friday and chances are you’ll be able to start packing on the very next working day. And don’t forget if you cannot see what you want we are here at the end of the phone. No automated anserwing devices just good old fashioned human beings looking to satisfy your need without greed.

The board grade of the boxes is a standard grade used for most stock cardboard box. Ours do have a pure kraft outer paper rather than an imitation kraft. The dimensions of the cardboard boxes are the size of the inside of the box, not its external dimensions. The first 2 dimensions are the length and width of the box and the third dimension is the vertical height.

These boxes are suitable for Royal mail Small parcels
Cardboard box sizes

152 x 102 x 102mm
152 x 127 x 102mm
178 x 127 x 127mm
180 x 76 x 76mm
203 x 152 x 102mm
203 x 152 x 152mm
203 x 203 x 102mm
203 x 203 x 203mm
229 x 152 x 102mm
229 x 152 x 152mm
229 x 229 x 102mm
229 x 229 x 229mm
241 x 241 x 114mm
305 x 229 x 127mm
330 x 254 x 318mm
340 x 260 x 150mm
405 x 280 x 148mm
500 x 127 x 125mm

We also offer made to order, special sizes and made to measure cardboard boxes and cartons.