Pallet Stretch Wrap

£4.43£45.75 exc VAT

Cast film tends not to be sticky like blown film there are two main advantages in this, the pallets do not tend to stick together in the racking or on the back of the lorry and they attract less general dirt and grime.

Our stretch wrap comes on standard cores rather than extended cores which have a tendancy to be annoying when getting close to the ground to get around the pallet and secure the first layer of product to the pallet. Standard core can be use with or without a dispenser.

When comparing product look closely at the roll lengths there is not a standard length rol, 10 meters longer or shorter makes a difference in what you get for your money.

We are available on the telephone to talk about any aspect of our products to ensure you get the right product for your application at a competitive price.



Our cast pallet stretch film is good quality heavy duty pallet wrap. If you want cheap you will get nasty and that does not work in a commercial environment. With all pallet wrap you have to stretch the pallet wrap, in stretching it will want to return to its original length.

So the more stretch you apply the more it will try and contract around the product on the pallet. Therefore you have to be careful, if the product is fragile do not stretch to much because as is tries to contract to its original length it will crush your product.